What are some challenges a leader may face?

Expert Answers

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Leaders can face all kinds of challenges. One immediate problem is that not everybody may agree with the election or hiring of that particular leader. These followers can then be stubborn followers and even intentionally work against the leader. This particular problem is the challenge of many leaders. They have to find a way to get everybody to willingly follow their lead. This then introduces the problem of how best to do that--order people, threaten people, ask people, offer incentives. None of those will work on everybody, so a leader has to know when and where to use each tactic to maximize results. Another problem that all leaders face is having to make difficult decisions. More often than not, a leader has to make a decision in which not everybody is going to be happy. A good leader has to be okay with that and know what decision is best for the most people or best in a particular situation.

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