What are the main character traits of Joshua Chamberlain in The Killer Angels?

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The main character traits of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain in Killer Angels are the following:

1. Intelligence. Chamberlain was a professor of rhetoric at Bowdoin College before enlisting in the Union Army.

2. Integrity. Chamberlain, though offered a colonel's commission by the governor of Maine, chose to serve at a lower rank until he learned the art of war sufficiently to merit a higher command.

3. Bravery. At the Battle of Little Round Top when his company was outnumbered and out of ammunition, Chamberlain ordered a bayonet charge against the Confederates.

4. Leadership. Facing over a hundred angry and starving soldiers, he rose to the occasion with an impassioned and honest speech that overcame their feelings of betrayal and anger and inspired them to again believe in the cause they were fighting for.

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