What is methadone maintenance? Do you feel this is a good idea? Or does it promote prolonged drug use? Please share three reasons you are for or against the use of methadone. Cite sources.

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Methadone is a medication used to treat Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). It is a scheduled II controlled medication, which means that users need a proper prescription to get it. Methadone is a long-acting full opioid agonist. It has a long half-life, and this means it remains active in the human body for a long time after it is taken. Many believe that prescribing methadone to addicts of heroin and narcotic pain medications is an excellent way to help these people sustain long-term success in their sobriety. When sober, using less dangerous alternative drugs, these people are better equipped to reclaim order in their lives.

Methadone maintenance is when a doctor prescribes an opioid addict methadone to help them get off of heroin or pain medication. There are absolutely benefits to taking methadone while getting off of these drugs. For example, it can dramatically reduce the withdrawal symptoms that a patient gets from quitting the drug they were using. Withdrawals from heroin are notoriously painful. If a drug user has to go through hell to get sober, then they may be less likely to do take that step. Methadone is helpful in these situations because it allows drug users to start taking back control of their life in a meaningful way without having to experience horrific withdrawal symptoms.

However, it's also important to know that Methadone is a pain medication itself. Folks who take Methadone to get off of a more severe drug may end up replacing one addiction with another. If the user eventually tries to quit Methadone completely, they may experience the same withdrawal symptoms that they would have if they had quit heroin cold turkey. This leads to scenarios where former drug users feel like they need to take Methadone indefinitely to stay sober.

The question that you have to answer is whether you think think the benefits of Methadone maintenance outweigh the risks. That's going to come down to your own personal beliefs. For example, maybe you think that we shouldn't replace one addiction with another and that Methadone maintenance shouldn't be used. Or, perhaps you think that Methadone allows us to replace a severe and deadly addiction, like heroin dependency, with one that's more manageable. There is no right answer here. Just consider the facts for and against Methadone maintenance carefully and pick the side that you agree with the most.

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