What is a summary of the article "18 Habits of Highly Creative People"?

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This article presents the "complicated picture" of the creative brain and offers eighteen things that creative people do differently:

  1. They daydream. Creative people don't see daydreaming as a waste of time and instead allow their brain to become "highly engaged" during periods of daydreaming.
  2. They are incredibly observant. Creative people are constantly absorbing information, and some keep notebooks where they can readily jot down their observations.
  3. They work during their most creative times. Many creative people work as early as 3 or 4 a.m. or late into the night because they recognize the times of day when they are most productive.
  4. They allow time for solitude. Creative people are often stereotyped as loners, but this perhaps comes from the creative brain's necessity for solitude in order to work best.
  5. They are able to make the most of obstacles. The creative brain is often able to use challenges or pain as fuel for a creative venture.
  6. They seek out new experiences. Those who are creative are open to new experiences; they may seek intellectual stimulation, thrilling adventures, or fantastical possibilities.
  7. They "fail up." Creative success is often built upon a series of failures through which people have persevered.
  8. They ask big questions. The creative brain is curious and isn't afraid to ask hard questions.
  9. They people-watch. Curious people often obtain some of their best ideas from watching others.
  10. They take risks. Creative work is not for the timid and requires people to make their own imaginations public.
  11. They view life as an opportunity for self-expression. Following the beliefs of Nietzsche, creative people look at the world as a work of art.
  12. They follow their passions. Creative minds are often intrinsically motivated, doing what they love because of the love of the work itself—not because of rewards that may follow.
  13. They get out of their own heads. Creative minds are able to explore diverse ways of thinking, not becoming too focused on a limited perspective.
  14. They lose track of time. When engaged creatively, creative minds often become oblivious to external or internal distractions.
  15. They surround themselves with beauty. All types of creative minds are highly sensitive and responsive to artistic beauty.
  16. They connect the dots. Creative minds see possibilities where other people do not.
  17. They shake things up. Creative people expose themselves to diverse experiences to avoid becoming complacent with the mundane.
  18. They make time for mindfulness. Creative people value a clear, focused mind, which helps them improve their work.

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