What are some ethical commitments in a career with information management?

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Some ethical commitments in a career with information management include confidentiality for the customers, since much of the information processed would be private and could be used maliciously. Another ethical commitment would be keeping up to date on all information protection protocols and technology.

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To answer this question, we first need to understand what “information management” is and what “ethics” are. Information management is related to how information is collected, stored, and archived. Within this definition, information encompasses documents, images, and drawings, as well as other information. Information will also often include people’s personal information, such as full names, addresses, credit card information, and other confidential data. This will become important when we get to the explanation.

Ethics, in a nutshell, are the code of conduct by which we live our lives in order to not bring unnecessary harm or distress to any other person.

In the context of information, not causing harm is primarily concerned with the confidentiality of data. It is the job of an information management specialist to build systems and put protocols into place which ensure that people’s private information is kept private. This field is vital to the success of many companies, as news of any data confidentiality breaches will spread quickly and potentially tarnish a company’s reputation overnight.

Since technology is always changing and evolving, an information management professional has an ethical obligation to remain on the cutting edge of the field to ensure that the safety of personal information can always be guaranteed.

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