My question is, what is a metaphor I can use with birds to represent jealousy?

I have a project which I need to write a poem with a metaphor.

My poem is about two birds and how one was jealous of their sibling.

So my question is, what is a metaphor I can use with birds to represent jealousy. 

I bought yesterday, a BIRD HOUSE and 2 different BIRDS , a litle nest and a pot.

I'd also like for one bird to be green, (green with envy) and the other red, (red with love) but these are just ideas


Thanks in advance for the help.

Expert Answers

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As you probably know, metaphors are comparisons of two otherwise dissimilar things, without using a connective word such as “like” or “as.”

Based on your descriptions, you are looking for metaphors that express the ideas of jealousy (for the green bird) and love (for the red bird). Now, it would not be ethical of me to write your metaphor for you, because that’s part of what you should be writing as your own original work. But I can tell you that the way I’d approach this problem is to think about what jealousy and love involve, and then come up with a comparison that expresses that idea.

For example, suppose I wanted to create a metaphor that expressed the idea of bitterness. First I’d think of what bitterness involves. Bitterness creates a feeling of negative emotion, in which it is difficult to have positive, healthy feelings. So, I’d try to think of something concrete that expresses that idea. I could say something like: My heart now beats in the dry, cracked earth of my bitterness. In this way, I am comparing my emotional state to dry earth in which nothing can grow and live.

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