should tell the truth or NOT !!!

"...Règle n ° 10: les israéliens parlent mieux le français que les Arabes. C'est ce qui explique qu'on leur donne, ainsi qu'à leurs partisans, aussi souvent que possible, la parole. Ainsi, ils peuvent nous expliquer les règles précédentes (de 1 à 9). Cela s'appelle de la neutralité journalistique".

by Bernard Langlois

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Through this article:
  What is the meaning of anti-Semitism?
  I think it means "should not tell the truth"
   Or you will expelled!!! ^_*
  Is there really ,,, ^_^ a "freedom of opinion" in America?!!!
  So,,, (o_O) why was the expulsion of Eric Sanchez and Helen Thomas?
   "should not tell the truth"!!! o_O

Expert Answers

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The meaning of anti-Semitic is to be against Jewish people and/or customs.  While we do have freedom of speech in America, our freedoms should not take away from the rights of others.  We have the right to say whatever we want to say within the appropriate environment.  This means that you can make anti-Semitic remarks to your friends within your own home but not at school.  Many students do not realize that certain rights do not extend to students within the school grounds for the safety and protection of the learning environment.  Look at an extreme example.  Guns and weapons are not allowed on campus even though Americans do have the right to carry such items.  Words can be just as detrimental to a student's ability to learn.  I would also caution you to rethink your ideas about what is truth.  Usually, we consider truth to be a fact.  If you have anti-Semitic opinions, that doesn't necessarily mean they are the only truth.  They are your opinion and you are certainly entitled to that opinion.  However, others are entitled to believe differently.  You are not likely to be entitled to share such opinions in school because it would be disruptive to the learning environment.  This does not mean that you should lie or that you are not allowed to tell the truth in school.  It might mean that you have to refrain from commenting or try to be a little more tolerant of others during school hours.

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