Is riding a dirt bike on pavement bad for the tires?

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There are many different types of tires sold for dirt bikes. Some are designed for use on a mix of dirt and pavement while others are designed exclusively for use on dirt. In general, the "knobbier" a tire, the less likely it will perform well on pavement and the more likely that it will wear faster if used on pavement. Essentially, the knobs on a dirt bike tire are meant to dig into soft soil and do not provide much traction or durability on pavement. You can, however, buy street tires for dirt bikes.

A second, and perhaps even more important consideration, is that not all dirt bikes or dirt bike tires are street legal. The Department of Transportation approves certain tires for street use but not all tires. Another issue is that many dirt bike tires have good traction on dirt but little or no traction on wet or icy pavement because there is so little rubber in contact with the pavement and thus they can be dangerous for riding on the street in bad weather. 

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