In reviewing the article below, what are 2 points which will be helpful to write a reference page? Cite

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The article referenced is on the OWL (Online Writing Lab), which is a website that the Purdue University Writing Lab operates. There are several significant points about this article.

One key point to keep in mind is that there are a number of different styles for preparing and formatting a reference list. Three of the styles that are most commonly used in the humanities and social sciences are: APA, given by the American Psychological Association; MLA, provided by the Modern Language Association; and Chicago, regulated by the Chicago Manual of Style. While all styles have many elements in common, each of them has highly specific ways of formatting author, date, page numbers, and other features. Therefore, whenever one prepares a reference list, one must first identify which style will be used for that particular list. In classes, teachers will usually inform students of the required style.

Another important point raised is that the “Basic Rules” that this article provides are for the seventh edition of the APA Manual. This is referred to as APA7, and it was published in October 2019. Each edition makes a few key changes from the previous one, so it is important to use the current edition. The article includes significant differences from the sixth edition by providing an underlined note.

Two basic considerations regarding the reference list are that it appears at the end of the paper or article, and that it begins on a separate page. In addition, the items in list must be in alphabetical order by the first author’s last name. The items are not generally numbered.

Another important feature relates to academic journals. At the outset, the article stresses a significant general point:

[S]ources obtained from academic journals carry special weight in research writing, [so] these sources are subject to special rules (emphasis in original).

For this reason, the article includes a separate section of guidelines for citing sources from academic journals. Among the distinctions provided in that section are that journal titles are presented in full and italicized, and that nonstandard punctuation and capitalization is maintained. However, all major words should be capitalized if they are not specific features of that title.

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