Please give me some statistics about health, poverty, etc. in Afghanistan.


It's for a report I'm writing.

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The first step in writing the report is to come up with some clear research questions.  For example:

What is the poverty rate in Afghanistan?

What is Unicef doing in Afghanistan to help the poor?

How does poverty contribute to poor health care in Afghanistan?

With these questions, you can go to search engines such as google and type in the terms.  You will get many results.  For example, What is the poverty rate in Afghanistan? Returns a few promising articles and sites.  Here is a sample:

The second area I would look into is Unicef’s web site.

Once there, you can search using these questions or the search terms poverty in Afghanistan.  Typing in Afghanistan results in:

This is an article on efforts with children in poverty in 2011.

That should give you enough to get started.  Good luck!

Below are some useful enotes references.

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One very good resource for basic facts about any country in the world is the CIA World Fact Book.  I have included links to the Afghanistan page of the Fact Book below.

The Fact Book can give you some basics about health, education, the economy, and other things.  Some interesting and possibly useful facts that you can find by following the link include:

  • There are 157 deaths in the first year of life for every 1000 live births in Afghanistan.  This is a terrible number.  Compare it to the less than 7 per 1000 in the US and you will understand just how bad it is.  (If you go to the link, you can click on links to compare these statistics to those of other countries).
  • The life expectancy at birth is below 44 years.
  • 53% of the population lives in poverty.
  • Only 28% of the population is literate.

Please follow the links below to find out many more statistics.

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