How do I teach Spanish year 3 and Spanish year 4 in the same period?

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When I was still in school, my French 4 class shared a time and room with the French 5 class. My teacher had the desks in the classroom organized into groups of four, and French 4 took up one group, while French 5 took up another. Of course, that particular arrangement works best if you have smaller classes, but you could arrange the desks in multiple different ways. The teacher would go back and forth between the groups, helping and teaching each in turn. Each group had exercises or tasks to complete, and when she was with a group, she answered whatever questions they had regarding the assignment while the other group worked on their own. She usually started with French 4 and had the French 5 kids go over their homework with each other and try to answer questions between themselves. Then once she had helped French 4 get started, she would go over to French 5 and help them. She visited each group two or three times each class.

This particular method does rely on smaller classes, so I am not sure if that will work for you. It also relies on a certain amount of self-motivation and self-sufficient students. The method was effective, and I probably learned even better than a normal class because we were expected to teach ourselves to some degree, which was incredibly helpful.

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