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How do translate the following section into Spanish?

I was just running along the beach when i ran into a Puertorican I asked what is his name and he said george and he asked what is my name and i said Gretchen. I asked what do kinds of resturants are good around here and he said Short. He then asked me how long i was in Puerto rico for and i said 1 more week. Then i said i had to go and said goodbye.

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Well, my Spanish is by no means perfect, but here is my attempt. You might want to check my efforts alongside an online translator just to check that I have done this OK.

Estaba corriendo por la orilla de la mar cuando me encontre con un hombre de Puerto Rico. Le pregunte "Como te llamas?" Me respondio "Jorge." Me pregunto mi nombre y le dije "Gretchen." Le pregunte sobre las restorantes por aqui y me dijo "Short." Despues, me pregunto cuanto tiempo iba a pasar en Puerto Rico y le respondi que iba a pasar una semana mas. Le dije que tenia que irme y le dije "ciao."

I can't work out how to do accents (my IT skills don't stretch that far I am afraid, so you will need to add accents for the various preterite forms of the verbs (me encontre) and so on. Hope this helps! As I said, please do check my offering alongside what an online translator might suggest. Often these are rather innacurate to use because of the nature of language and translation, but it can be useful at times just to revise. Another thing to bear in mind is that the Spanish I speak is South American Spanish, rather than European Spanish, so it will be different as a result.

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