How can the application of attitude and intelligence help to better position a student for academic success?

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The proper understanding and application of attitude and intelligence are both necessary to help a student reach toward academic success. Intelligence is the ability to learn and apply learning, but one's attitude (disposition and tendencies of thought and emotion) must be positive if learning is to occur.

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To help you get started on this question, let's reflect for a while on the role of both attitude and intelligence in academic success. First, we must realize that both of these are critical if a student is to succeed academically. We cannot have one without their other. There are plenty of sayings going around about attitude being above intelligence, but these must be interpreted and understood properly.

Intelligence is the ability to obtain and properly apply a wide variety of knowledge and skills. Intelligent people are able to learn efficiently and put their learning to work for them in all kinds of ways. As they do this, they grow in intelligence along the way. The process is circular. The more we learn and the more we use what we learn, the more intelligent we become and the better we are able to learn and apply in the future.

However, to truly be able to learn and apply our knowledge and skills, we have to want to learn, and this is where attitude comes in. Our attitude is our position toward something, our general disposition or tendency of thought and feeling, that leads to particular behaviors. Attitude is critical to learning. If, for instance, a student takes the attitude that they do not care about school and is stupid and can't learn anyway, then that student likely will not learn. But on the other hand, if a student who struggles in school is led to improve his or her attitude toward learning, that student may do better overall and certainly in the long run.

With these ideas in mind, then, we can see how a proper understanding of both intelligence and attitude and a strong encouragement toward both can help put a student in a position to achieve academic success. If that student can develop a good attitude toward school, they will be more likely to learn, and the student's intelligence will greatly expand.

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