How can I cite eNotes in a paper?

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If you are citing an eNotes post from the Question and Answer section (like this one), you can look at the little light-blue boxes to the right of the educator’s name. If you click the box on the left with the list of numbers, a pop-up box will open with all of the information you need to cite the post. If you are citing a summary or an essay from eNotes, you will find the same box under the title of the page. You can insert this full citation into your work cited list.

Please note that you might have to change the format of the citation a bit depending on the citation format you need to use for your paper. For example, you might need to format your citations in Chicago style or APA style, which have slightly different rules. To cite eNotes in the style you need, you can follow the rules for citing a “web publication” in your desired style and use the information from the eNotes citation.

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