How can a common event, such as a thunderstorm, transform someone's view of the world?

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Many a narrative and film have been created in which a character has experienced the forces of nature and been deeply affected by such phenomena.  If, for example, a person were to experience a severe thunderstorm, with its high winds, winds that damage and possibly cause the loss of lives, this person could definitely have his/her point of view transformed. Considering the possibility that such a person were injured or had a loved one injured in a thunderstorm, there would, indeed, be a serious impact upon the person in attitude, and even abilities. Or, if a thunderstorm brought lightning down upon the roof of a house where it burned part of the house, a person would be affected, as well. And, once people have experienced a loss because of a thunderstorm, they will never feel as they have before. When that lightning flickers in the sky, and the sky grumbles vociferously, these people shiver and relive the terrible incident which has changed their lives. 

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