Develop a communication plan for a para-educator to assist a student with a disabillity during a short lesson. Identify the type of disability, lesson topic, and low incidence disabilities and collaboration with para-educators, teachers and families. 

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A para-educator (or paraeducator) works under the supervision of a certified teacher (in most circumstances). The paraeducator provides " (1) one-on-one tutoring, (2) assist with classroom management, (3) provide instructional assistance in a computer laboratory, (4) conduct parental involvement activities, (5) provide instructional support in a library or media center, (6) act as a translator, or (7) provide instructional support services under the direct supervision of a highly qualified teacher or professional practitioner" ("Paraeducator Training"). As an example, a lesson plan might be developed for a student who is deaf. It would begin this way:

  • Lesson Type: Lecture and Discussion: Introduction to the Puritan Period
  • Low Incidence Disability: Deafness

The next section would lay out the communication plan developed for the student and include the teacher, the paraeducator and the caretakers (parents or guardian). It might begin something like this:

  • General Communication Plan: Teacher, paraeducator, and parent/guardian communication will take place on Monday and Fridays through face to face discussions (teacher and paraeducator) and phone communications (paraeducator and parents).

The next step in a lesson plan will be the daily communication plan that will be undertaken by the student and the paraeducator. This part of the plan includes evaluation and ranking of student comprehension. An example of what might be included is this:

  • Daily Communication Plan: As part of the short lesson communication plan, the paraeducator will discuss concerns, understandings, and misunderstandings with the student using a ranking scale (1-10). Questions to be addressed: Did you recognize all of the sounds made? Were you able to comprehend the teacher?

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