Describe the beach. What does the place look like? Does the place have a feel to it? What smells are there? What sounds do you hear? Describe your beach so that your reader can picture the scene you see in your mind.

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This prompt seems to be asking for help writing a descriptive essay about the beach. This type of essay focuses on giving readers a detailed description of an object, place, person, experience, and/or situation. A writer should focus on giving readers sensory information that allows readers to use their senses...

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of touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight, and the prompt indicates that it is specifically looking for sensory information.Imagery is a key component of a descriptive essay, because the goal is to create a mental picture for readers.

The first thing that I recommend you figure out is what kind of beach you are at. Is this an ocean beach or a lake beach? If it is a lake beach, is the beach at a mountain lake like Lake Tahoe, or is the beach in the middle of a flat open expanse? The ocean or freshwater decision is critical, because it will influence what sensory inputs you can spend time describing. Anecdotally, I live in San Diego, and my parents live right on Lake Michigan. Their beach doesn't smell right. It doesn't smell like anything, in my opinion. It is missing the salty smell. That salt exists in the air at ocean beaches as well, and it creates a gritty coat on your skin after a few hours.

In my opinion, a descriptive essay about an ocean beach would be much easier; however, that is because I have more personal experience with ocean beaches. Write from what you know. Create five different columns or thought bubbles, and label each with a sense. Imagine yourself in the beach location, and brainstorm what you see, smell, feel, taste, and hear. Write about the smell of the salt and the sound of the crashing waves. Write about the sounds of the birds that you hear. What types of birds are they? Are there food vendors nearby grilling up street tacos or corn dogs? What do they smell like?

Finally, when it comes to writing your essay, try to go sense by sense. You can combine multiple senses into a single paragraph, but it may easier for your reader if the essay focuses on one sense at a time rather than jumping from one sense to another.

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