Can someone do a satire on the immigration system in the USA?

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Two satirical novels about immigration to the United States are likely to be of interest. One is concerned with Mexican American issues and the other with Cuban American issues.

The Tortilla Curtain by T. Coraghessan Boyle is concerned with Mexican American experiences in Southern California. The two main characters, Delaney Mossbacher and Candido Rincon, represent different sides of that "curtain," or border. Boyle draws a sharp contrast between the two men’s lives to encourage the reader to move past the stereotypes that dominate many people's views of immigrant life, including immigrants' economic and living situations. You will find an eNotes Study Guide for this novel.

In The Perez Family, Christine Bell presents a satirical treatment of the dilemmas that Cuban refugees arriving in Florida faced in the 1980s. Several people who flee during the Mariel boat lift arrive simultaneously in Miami. Although they have the surname Perez, they are not related. Instead, each of them is alone and seeking their relatives or a new life. Spurred by an immigration officer’s erroneous assumption, they decide they will become the Perez family.

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