Can I get help with creating an outline for a communication class on the topic of Feminism?

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The question doesn't state whether the outline is for a speech or a paper. That's okay because both outlines will be quite similar. The speaking outline might include fully written out transition statements to help you move from topic to topic, but those aren't always required. It is up to you whether or not you want to have your outline be a keyword outline or a sentence outline. Each letter or number point in the outline is comprised of an entire sentence. If the outline is for a paper, this kind of outline is fine; however, I don't recommend it for a speech outline: it's simply too many words to quickly glance down at during a speech.

Finally, I understand that your topic is feminism, but that is very broad. Exactly what the end goal is could shape the outline differently. For example, if the paper is a history of feminism paper, then writing a chronological outline would be my recommendation. If the paper is a persuasive paper about why feminism is a positive or negative movement, then I would recommend a topical outline. As for the actual formatting, remember that main point ideas are going to be out dented the farthest. Ideas that deal with that topic will be listed under that topic and indented. If an idea only has a single sub-point, I would consider finding more evidence of support or dropping it completely from the paper.

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