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Write a brief description of a public health issue which you are interested in developing a public health campaign. Then explain why this issue warrants a public health campaign. Finally, describe one potential challenge of developing a campaign for your public health issue and explain one way you might address the challenge.

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There are quite a number of health issues that you might choose to create a campaign for.

One issue that is probably under-reported is the potential hazards of cell-phone radiation. Research is ongoing in this area and technology is also advancing, but there are some health risks to using certain wireless devices, including cell phones. With increased use of wireless devices, people should be aware of how to stay safe. 

Obesity is a larger issue in hte Western world. This health issue has many ramifications and is quite complex. A campaign about this issue could include any number of approaches, from an "exercise for health" concept to a "diabetes avoidance" concept to the influence of environmental toxins, like phthalates.

Where the trouble or challenge you would run into on the radiation issue would be a lack of research, the trouble or challenge with obesity may be the opposite. The fact that obesity is on the rise is clear, but the actual causes, contributing factors, and health effects are quite complex.

For example, poverty and genetics both lead to obesity. The challenge here is how does one construct a campaign then to fight against it? 

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