I am trying to find a name for my school magazine. They will give a prize to the one who gives the best name. Please do help me.




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Without knowing anything about your school, I can only give you some general ideas for coming up with a creative name. A lot of literary magazines use puns or alliteration in their titles. For example, if your school mascot is a tiger, you could call the magazine “Tiger Tales” (an alliteration and a pun!).  If you are the Vikings, you could cal it “Vikings Voices.” Perhaps you could do something like this with your school name, for example, “West Jr. Whisperers.”

Or you could include literary terms in your name, like story, literature, write, compose, literary, poetry, stanza, prose, author, drama, words, epic, saga, narrative, rites of passage, coming of age, etc. Instead of "magazine," if your publication is an online Internet one, you could call it a “zine” or an "e-zine."

It would be helpful to your to know what the magazine will look like graphically. What font or style will be used? Will it look like an Old English publication or like an online Facebook page? Perhaps you can think of a name that goes with the graphic theme of the magazine. 

I hope that helps a little, and good luck! I hope you win.

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