Historical Context

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Robert Burns is often considered a writer ahead of his time, who often embraced the idea of using common language to reach the common person...

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Literary Style

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“A Red, Red Rose” is written in four four-line stanzas, or quatrains, consisting of alternating tetrameter and trimeter lines. This means...

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Bibliography and Further Reading

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Compare and Contrast

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1786: Farmers in Massachusetts, burdened by the debt of the Revolutionary War, participated in Shays’ Rebellion in order to protest...

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Topics for Further Study

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What do you think are the circumstances of the speaker of this poem that cause him/her to leave his/her love? Write a short story or dialogue...

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Media Adaptations

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Scotland’s Burns Country: The Life and Landscape of Robert Burns. Video cassette. Lewiston, NY: Lapwing Productions. 1994.


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What Do I Read Next?

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The definitive collection of Scottish ballads, of which Burns is considered the master, is Francis James Childs’s collection the English...

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