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Several themes could be identified from Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, but the theme that appearances are deceiving both for better and for worse is emphasized throughout the novel in several places.

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One way in which this theme proves true is in the very structure of Norta. Julian, Cal's uncle, discovers the interesting truth that although the hierarchical delineation between Silvers and Reds is the framework of the society, there is actually a third category that lived without voice of Reds with special abilities even greater than the Silvers, such as Mare.

Mare's character specifically asserts this theme since she is the first of this kind that is shown in the series and since she herself was unaware of her own powers, until she is put a position where she needs to use them against Evangeline. Once her powers are known, she then embodies the facade that the king and queen essentially force upon her that she is an orphaned Silver, before then adding another layer of facade by joining the Scarlet Guard and volunteering to spy in the palace for the secret organization.

A last example of this theme's overriding presence in the novel is the plot turn at the end that shows Maven, who was supposedly helping Mare and the Scarlet Guard create a more just society for those around him, as a sociopathic, evil character. Mare discovers that he has been actually working with his mother the entire time with plans to steal the throne from his father and half-brother, Cal.

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