The novel takes place sometime in the future, on the planet Mars. Humans have colonized the planet, but have not yet conquered its...

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Literary Qualities

Red Planet is an adventure novel that explores such issues as friendship, intercultural relationships, and the importance of...

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Social Sensitivity

Red Planet stresses the danger of allowing initial impressions to control one's opinions of others. Heinlein relates the colonists'...

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Topics for Discussion

1. During the discussion of whether or not Jim can take Willis to school, Doc MacRae says, "Trouble is the normal condition for the human...

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Ideas for Reports and Papers

1. More than once, Doc MacRae compares Mars to the "Old West" in America. Why? Are the comparisons valid? What do they add to the story?...

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Related Titles / Adaptations

Red Planet has an interesting connection to Heinlein's most famous work, Stranger in a Strange Land: the Martians in both...

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For Further Reference

Panshin, Alexei. Heinlein in Dimension: A Critical Analysis. Chicago: Advent Publishers, 1968. An overview of Heinlein's works. An...

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