Literary Techniques

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Mosley's use of first-person narration enhances the sense of immediacy in his novels. A Red Death demonstrates the care for historical...

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Ideas for Group Discussions

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Mosley's realistic portrayals of both characters and milieus, offered in smooth language, convey an immediacy which can provide a springboard...

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Social Concerns

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In A Red Death, Mosley addresses anti-African American and anti-Semitic attitudes by means of the actions of detective character Easy...

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(Masterpieces of American Literature)

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Literary Precedents

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A Red Death, as detective fiction, is related to many novels in the genre. Mosley, however, does not follow early "classic" authors...

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Related Titles

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Devil in a Blue Dress, set in 1948, introduces the detective hero Easy Rawlins, an ex-soldier and unemployed aircraft worker. To keep...

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An abridged, audiocassette tape edition of A Red Death, read by Paul Winfield, was published in 1993. An unabridged, audiocassette...

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