Rebecca Chapter 26 Summary
by Daphne Du Maurier

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Chapter 26 Summary

A beautiful new day is beginning at Manderley, a day of peace, quietude, and grace. Whatever else happens today, Manderley will stay at peace. The girl is up early, but she lets her husband sleep, as the day ahead of them will “be a weary thing and long.” Their future lies in the hands of an unknown doctor named Baker.

After her bath, the girl hears Danvers quietly unlock the bedroom door and the day becomes real to the girl. After Clarice brings tea, the girl wakes her husband. As he bathes, his wife packs a suitcase, knowing they might have to stay in London tonight. As the girl leaves her bedroom and goes downstairs, she feels emptiness all around her and it saddens her. Crawley will wait at Manderley until de Winter calls him with any news from London. After speaking with Baker, de Winter might need his estate manager to come to London.

The girl tells Crawley to take Jasper to the office with him because he looks so sad. Frith and Robert stand on the steps to see the couple off, and the girl’s eyes inexplicably fill with tears. When they meet Julyan, he wonders if the girl should come along on such a difficult day, but she assures him she wants to be with her husband today. They meet Favell at the crossroads, and he follows them to London.

Julyan sleeps some, they stop to eat, and the hours pass. Just as they reach the suburbs of London, the girl begins to grow tired. The drive though London “seems endless” and it makes the girl irritable without cause. They have difficulty finding Baker’s house, and the frustration is making de Winter look very tired. A postman finally points them in the right direction, and the de Winters and Julyan sit quietly in the car for a weighty moment after they arrive. They wait for a bit so they will not disturb the Bakers’ tea, but all of them eventually make their way to the doctor’s door.

A young maid greets them and takes the group through the house to a room where they wait for the doctor. The girl feels as if she is living someone else’s life; it is a feeling unlike anything else she has experienced. Julyan introduces the group to Baker and says the doctor may have seen the story about Rebecca and de Winter in the newspapers. He has. Favell inserts himself into the conversation, demanding to know why his cousin sought the doctor’s services.

In a calm, reasonable tone, de Winter explains to the confused doctor why they have come. Baker listens intently but says they must be mistaken, for de Winter is a name he would have remembered but he has never had a patient with that name. Julyan shows Baker Rebecca’s appointment diary...

(The entire section is 728 words.)