Chapter 24 Summary

Colonel Julyan is repulsed by Favell, and his disgust puts the magistrate on the de Winters’ side. He asks the raving Favell why he did not speak up at the inquest if he felt so strongly about de Winter’s guilt. It is clear that the man’s primary interest is blackmail, and Julyan asks Favell if he has any proof to support his accusations. In an arrogant rant, Favell admits he and Rebecca were lovers and that is why de Winter killed her.

Julyan again asks for proof, such as a witness who saw the murder. It takes him a moment, but Favell finally says he might be able to produce such a witness. Crawley looks at de Winter, but de Winter’s eyes never leave Favell. Suddenly the girl knows who Favell might mean and, in...

(The entire section is 756 words.)