Ready Player One

by Ernest Cline

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How do Wade's desires for solitude differ from IOI's plans to monetize OASIS?

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I'm assuming this question is about the different ways Wade and IOI perceive the OASIS. Wade views the OASIS as an escape from the horrors and disappointments of the real world, where he is an unattractive, unwanted orphan. In the OASIS, he is powerful and popular. However, the IOI want to make people have to pay for use of the OASIS, which up to this point has been mostly free.

Wade feels that to monetize the OASIS is to take away a significant source of comfort for most people of his generation. Wade feels their wanting to only allow OASIS access to a privileged minority is morally wrong and a great horror when the outside world is so terrible. So, the difference might be that Wade sees the OASIS as something essential that should continue to be available to everyone as passionate about geek culture as he is, while IOI only wants to make more money off of it.

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