Ogden Morrow

Morrow is loyal, gracious, outgoing, and generous. He is also a gifted programmer and astute businessman: his marketing campaigns and shareware distribution schemes made him and Halliday multimillionaires by their thirtieth birthdays.

Morrow may be Halliday’s foil, but both share the same principles. During an interview, Morrow advises successful gunters never to reveal their identities to the media networks, as many of them are owned by IOI. Morrow's chief aim is to protect the integrity of Halliday's game, and he does everything he can to shield vulnerable gunters from IOI's crosshairs. In deference to Halliday's will, Morrow commits to ensuring that the OASIS never falls into the hands of a corporate entity. He understands that if IOI ever manages to take control of the OASIS, it will levy prohibitive fees on users, ensuring that only the wealthy will be able to access Halliday's open-source virtual world.

So, when the High Five become homeless (due to Sorrento's incessant attempts to annihilate them), Morrow offers the friends shelter in his palatial estate. Because of his magnanimity, the High Five are able to engage Sorrento and the Sixers in safety. In his private life, Morrow married Kira Underwood, a beautiful geek who also caught Halliday's attention. Although Halliday's jealousy led to a schism between the two friends, Morrow never bears his friend any malice. He understands that Halliday's social anxiety caused him great suffering during his life.