Nolan Sorrento

Sorrento is arrogant, cunning, and ruthless. He is a brilliant mastermind and an expert tactician. Sorrento targets Wade once he discovers the threat the teenager poses to IOI. He tries to neutralize Wade’s ambitions by enticing him with corporate largesse. When it is evident that Wade is impervious to material temptations, Sorrento opts to kill the teenager. On behalf of IOI, Sorrento then acquires the two most powerful artifacts in the OASIS: Fyndoro's Tablet of Finding and the Cataclyst.

To prevent other gunters from clearing the Third Gate, Sorrento deploys a force shield over Anorak's Castle. Then, after his avatar is defeated by Parzival, Sorrento detonates the Cataclyst over Chthonia in a bid to erase any advantages the High Five may have. Devoid of the most basic principles of decency, Sorrento represents the quintessential evil genius who uses his talents solely for malevolent purposes.