James Halliday

Halliday was an eccentric billionaire who used his talents to create a virtual utopia for everyone. Upon his death, his estate released a short video announcing his Easter egg hunt to the world. During his life, Halliday approached the OASIS as a panacea, a means for dealing with his social anxiety. The text tells us that Halliday was painfully shy, aloof, and often so socially inept that he experienced difficulty connecting with others.

During his years at GSS (Gregarious Simulation Systems), he often sequestered himself from human contact, spending inordinate amounts of time programming. During such times, he often went without food and/or sleep. During interviews, Halliday tended to speak too rapidly, confusing reporters and viewers alike. He also had a high-pitched laugh, which created a jarring effect on others.

Halliday was obsessed with 80s popular culture and was known to fire employees who did not share his inclinations in this area. His preoccupation with routine and his obsessive focus on obscure interests led psychologists to conclude that he may have suffered from Asperger's Syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism. Nevertheless, Halliday was the genius behind many of GSS's most addictive games.