Ready Player One Helen Harris aka Aech

Ernest Cline

Helen Harris aka Aech

Like Wade, Aech's domestic life is less than ideal; she was disowned by her mother for being gay. However, like Wade, Aech refuses to let personal disappointments cloud her future. To earn a living income, she participates in televised PvP (player-versus-player) matches. Aech is also a conscientious Halliday scholar, a brilliant gamer, and a serious geek.

Despite her talents, Aech is modest about her prowess as a gunter. She is first and foremost a loyal, supportive friend to Wade. She shows understanding when Wade becomes obsessed with Art3mis, and she does not berate him for missing previously scheduled engagements. Before the battle at Anorak's Castle, Aech openly voices confidence in Wade's ability to bring down IOI's shield. She also unequivocally supports Wade's plan for every gunter to fight IOI. Most importantly, when the stakes are high, Aech stands her ground. In the battle at Anorak's Castle, she fights side by side with Wade to defeat Sorrento's formidable robot.