Ready Player One Chapters 32–35 Summary and Analysis

Ernest Cline

Chapters 32–35 Summary and Analysis

Chapter 32

Wade reveals how he hacked his way into IOI's private databases. Art3mis is upset that he looked at her picture, but Aech tells her that Wade probably saved her life by looking at their files. Wade then sends his friends the smuggled IOI data from his ten-zettabyte flash drive. Together, they peruse a vidcap of Sorrento trying to clear the Third Gate. An inscription on the gate's surface reads "Charity, Hope, Faith." The members of the High Five eventually deduce that the words come from the song "Three Is a Magic Number" from the TV show Schoolhouse Rock! This means that three copies of the Crystal Key are needed to open the Third Gate.

Aech then questions Wade about the shield over Anorak's Castle, but Wade assures everyone that the shield will drop on its own in 36 hours. Art3mis is incredulous, but Wade assures her that it will happen. He then shows everyone the email he intends to send out to every OASIS user that night. The email is an invitation to fight IOI after the shield comes down. Wade believes that gunters everywhere will fight to prevent the OASIS from falling into IOI's hands. Meanwhile, the High Five have more immediate problems: they are homeless and on the run. Suddenly, Ogden Morrow's avatar pops into existence and asks whether any of the High Five have ever been to Oregon.

Chapter 33

Everyone is shocked and wants to know how Morrow entered the encrypted chatroom. Morrow admits that his avatar is "immortal" and "invincible," meaning that it can go anywhere and do anything it wants. It is Wade who finally deduces that Morrow was the one who knocked over a stack of comic books at their first High Five meeting. Morrow then offers to fly all four gunters to his estate in Oregon. Since he promised a dying Halliday that he would protect the integrity of the contest, Morrow is determined to help the friends. He arranges for limos to take Shoto and Art3mis to their chartered planes. Meanwhile, Aech picks Wade up on his way to the Columbus airport, where Morrow's jet waits to fly them to Oregon.

Before their meeting, Aech warns Wade that he doesn't look anything like his avatar, but Wade dismisses his concerns. As Wade waits for Aech, he notices that the news channels are playing the incriminating IOI videos he sent them. Aech eventually arrives, and to Wade's surprise turns out to be African American, a girl, and a lesbian. After he gets over his initial shock, Wade decides that skin color, sexual orientation, and gender...

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