Ready Player One Chapters 25–27 Summary and Analysis

Ernest Cline

Chapters 25–27 Summary and Analysis

Chapter 25

Wade receives a dejected Shoto on Falco. The latter grimly discloses that the Sixers killed Daito in real life. During their conversation, Shoto reveals that his real name is Akihide and that Daito's real name was Toshiro Yoshiaki. The young men were not related but chose to recognize each other as brothers in the virtual world. Shoto admits that he and Daito became close after enrolling in an OASIS support group for hikikomori (young Japanese recluses). Daito had died protecting Shoto.

On Frobozz, Shoto worked to retrieve the Jade Key while Daito kept guard in their ship, the Kurosawa. Before Shoto finished, Sixer gunships descended on Frobozz and surrounded the Kurosawa. Daito pulled out the Beta Capsule and transformed into Ultraman. The Sixer gunships proved vulnerable against the invincible Japanese superhero. However, during Shoto's journey back to the Kurosawa, real-life Sixers broke into Daito's apartment. They seized him and threw him forty-three stories down to his death. Before Shoto and Wade part ways, Shoto bequeaths Daito's Beta Capsule to Wade. In return, Wade presents Shoto with a formidable Masamune sword.

Chapter 26

After Shoto leaves, Wade returns to the Jade Key puzzle. While analyzing the key's silver foil wrapper, Wade is reminded of scenes from the movie

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