Ready Player One Summary
by Ernest Cline

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Ready Player One Summary


Billionaire James Halliday dies, and his last will and testament is revealed in a short video called "Anorak's Invitation." In the video, Halliday explains that he hid an Easter egg (a hidden feature) in the OASIS, the virtual world he created as a game interface. The first person to find it will inherit his entire fortune and gain absolute control over the OASIS. Halliday's contest is informally called “the Hunt,” and contestants are referred to as gunters (egg hunters). Halliday stipulates that three keys (Copper, Jade, and Crystal) that unlock three secret gates must be found before the egg can be discovered. Wade Watts, the novel’s narrator, tells us that he was the first to discover the Copper Key and that this book is the story about everything that happened after his discovery.

Level One (Chapters 1–16)

Wade lives in a poverty-stricken mobile home tower community. His only living relative is his Aunt Alice, with whom he has a strained relationship. Wade spends most of his time in his hideout van, where he accesses the virtual world of the OASIS. In the OASIS, everyone appears as avatars (digital representations of one's self). Wade's school avatar is Wade3, but his game avatar is known as Parzival. Wade3 attends virtual school on planet Ludus.

From his studies of Anorak's Almanac (Halliday's journal entries)Wade concludes that the Copper Key is hidden in a recreated Dungeons and Dragons module called the Tomb of Horrors (on Ludus). Wade travels there and is challenged to a game of Joust (an arcade game) by King Acererak, the lich (an undead creature) who rules the tomb. He beats the lich at the game and is given the Copper Key by Halliday's avatar, Anorak. Before Wade leaves the tomb, he makes the acquaintance of Art3mis, the famous female gunter he has a crush on.

Meanwhile, a clue on the key leads Wade to a recreation of Halliday's childhood home. There, he plays a successful game of Dungeons of Daggorath on Halliday’s TRS-80 computer, and the First Gate opens to him. He enters and is prompted to reenact every scene from WarGames, one of Halliday's favorite movies. After doing so, a mysterious riddle Wade dubs “the Quatrain” appears, telling him that the Jade Key is located in "a dwelling long neglected." Meanwhile, four other avatars find the Copper Key. They are Art3mis, Aech (Wade’s best friend in the OASIS, whom he has never met in real life), Shoto, and Daito. When Nolan Sorrento, Head of Operations at Innovative Online Industries (IOI)—a multinational corporation planning to find the egg, then take control of and monetize the OASIS—discovers Wade's triumph, he tries to bribe Wade into working for IOI. Wade refuses, and Sorrento detonates explosives rigged to Aunt Alice's trailer, killing everyone in Wade's tower. Unbeknownst to Sorrento, Wade is still alive because he was in his hideout van at the time of the explosion.

Level Two (Chapters 17–27)

Wade decides to keep a low profile in the real world. He creates a false identity for himself and rents an apartment under the name of Bryce Lynch. Meanwhile, his online romance with Art3mis flourishes, and he enjoys frequent dates with her in the OASIS. Although Wade knows that he is taking a great risk in exposing his avatar, he refuses to cower. When Sorrento discovers that Wade and Art3mis will attend a birthday party for Ogden Morrow (Halliday’s former business partner and best friend) on planet Neonoir, he sends Sixers (IOI’s professional troops) to assassinate them. The attempt is unsuccessful, however, as Morrow neutralizes the Sixers with red lightning bolts.

Not long after the attempt on their lives, Art3mis leaves Wade. Depressed, Wade spends most of his time logged into the OASIS. He loses his momentum and is unable to decipher the location of the Jade Key. To continue paying his bills, Wade works as an OASIS help-desk professional. After his shift one day, he discovers that Art3mis has found the Jade Key. Desperate to...

(The entire section is 1,422 words.)