The Reader Part 3, Chapters 10-12 Summary

Bernhard Schlink

Part 3, Chapters 10-12 Summary

The next morning, Hanna hangs herself. When Michael arrives at the prison, he is taken immediately to the warden who asks him about their telephone conversation the previous day and their meeting the previous week. Michael honestly claims that he had no inclination that Hanna would kill herself. The warden asks about Michael’s relationship with Hanna. He tells her that he and Hanna had both lived in the same neighborhood and that as a student, he attended her trial proceedings. Michael feels like he is about to cry when the warden asks him about his reason for sending her the tapes. When asked how he knew that Hanna was illiterate, Michael shrugs his shoulders.

The warden takes Michael to Hanna’s room; Hanna had not...

(The entire section is 661 words.)