Part 1, Chapters 7-9 Summary

The next night, Michael falls in love with Frau Schmitz. He does not understand why he has fallen in love with her and wonders if it is because he feels like he owes her the debt of love for having slept with him. Michael wants to show off his new-found manliness, so he decides that he will return to school the following day. He also reasons that since Frau Schmitz likely works evenings, he will have to pass by her apartment in the daytime to be with her.

After his rendezvous with Frau Schmitz, Michael returns home late and claims that he had been heading toward the cemetery and got lost and ended up in Nussloch. His older brother criticizes him and says that the two places are on opposite ends of town. Michael ignores...

(The entire section is 608 words.)