What is Squeaky's real name in "Raymond's Run"?

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Squeaky’s real name is Hazel Elizabeth Deborah Parker.

During the race, Squeaky gets annoyed that Mr. Pearson calls her “Squeaky,” because she can’t call Mr. Pearson “Beanstalk.”   This is when she tells him to write her real name.

“Hazel Elizabeth Deborah Parker,” I correct him and tell him to write it down on his board. 

For Squeaky, her nickname is not necessarily something she is ashamed of, even though she got it because she is “a little girl with skinny arms and a squeaky voice. “ She doesn’t ask for her real full name to be written down just because she doesn’t like her nickname.  She wants it written down because she does not like Mr. Pearson’s attitude.  He can’t call her by a nickname if she can’t call him by a nickname.

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What is Squeaky's full name in "Raymond's Run"?

Squeaky's full name is Hazel Elizabeth Deborah Parker. 

Readers are able to read her full name a total of three times during the story. The first time is when Squeaky is registering for her race. She speaks to Mr. Pearson, and he calls her "Squeaky" as he hands her the race number and pins. Squeaky is not happy about Mr. Pearson calling her that, so she corrects him by saying her full name.  

“Well, Squeaky,” he says, checking my name off the list and handing me number seven and two pins. And I’m thinking he’s got no right to call me Squeaky, if I can’t call him Beanstalk.

“Hazel Elizabeth Deborah Parker,” I correct him and tell him to write it down on his board.

Mr. Pearson quickly repeats her name and asks Squeaky a follow-up question.  

The final time readers see Squeaky's full name is after her race. The race between Squeaky and Gretchen is very close. The race officials have to take a few extra minutes to confirm who really won the race. After a bit of deliberation, the winner is announced. Squeaky won the race, and the announcer says her full name to the crowd.  

But of course everyone thinks I’m jumping up and down because the men on the loudspeaker have finally gotten themselves together and compared notes and are announcing “In first place — Miss Hazel Elizabeth Deborah Parker.”

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