What lessons can be learned from Squeaky and Raymond's relationship in "Raymond's Run"?

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There’s a lot we can learn from the bonding between Squeaky and Raymond. Their relationship exemplifies deep attachment and selfless love between siblings. Squeaky teaches us that true love is never affected by one’s drawbacks, while Raymond teaches us not to grumble about the activity our loved one is passionate about. 

Most importantly, both of them teach that true love can bring about unexpected positive changes in one another. It’s through their love for one another that brings about a sudden change in their attitudes towards their lives, giving them their moments of epiphany.

We see that Squeaky is transformed into a much more mature and content girl towards the end of the story. She is able to transcend the fear of losing her reputation as “the fastest thing on two feet.” Actually, she is overwhelmed at her discovery that Raymond can be groomed to become a great runner. She’d like to become his coach and help him to make his life meaningful.

On the other hand, Squeaky's company has drawn out the inherent athletic talents in Raymond. When Squeaky would run on the streets, Raymond would follow her. He would also copy her breathing exercises. These habits gradually developed his running skills without his or Squeaky’s noticing them.

Imagine what would have happened had Squeaky found accompanying her brother Raymond, who suffers from cognitive disabilities, to be a burden, or had Raymond objected to Squeaky’s constant running habits and demanding breathing exercises.

Perhaps they’d never have found the epiphanic moments that have brought them immense satisfaction. These moments were possible because true love has taught them never to complain about each other’s shortcomings or eccentricities. Without putting in any extra ounce of effort, they have always known how to accommodate each other with whatever they are. This is possible only when you love someone from the bottom of your heart. Squeaky and Raymond have always loved each other with the sole objective of seeing each other happy and unharmed.

Most importantly, they teach us how to love truly.

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