Raymond Knister Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)


Burke, A. "Raymond Knister: An Annotated Checklist." Essays on Canadian Writing 16 (Fall-Winter 1979-1980): 20-61.

Comprehensive annotated bibliography of works by and about Knister; includes information on unpublished works collected in various archives.


Livesay, Dorothy. "Raymond Knister: A Memoir." In Collected Poems of Raymond Knister, by Raymond Knister, pp. xi-xii. Toronto: Ryerson, 1949.

Traces Knister's career and interprets his writings as well as events preceding his death, portraying the author as a depressed, frustrated artist and likening him to John Keats and Ranier Maria Rilke.


Child, Philip. Introduction to White Narcissus, by Raymond Knister, pp. 7-16. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1962.

Draws upon Livesay's memoir for biographical information and discusses symbolism, realism, and unadorned style in White Narcissus.

Kennedy, Leo. "Raymond Knister." The Canadian Forum (September 1932): 459-61.

Mostly favorable commentary on White Narcissus and My Star Predominant, praising characterization and plot development, but faulting an incomplete "embodiment of significant theme" in White Narcissus.

Stevens, Peter. "The Old Futility of Art: Knister's Poetry." Canadian Literature, No. 23 (Winter 1965): 45-52.

Surveys Knister's poetry, focusing on such themes as man vs. nature, the inadequacy of language to express the poet's vision, and analogies between farming and poetry.

Additional coverage of Knister's life and career is contained in the following source published by Gale Research: Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vol. 68.