Ray(mond Douglas) Davies Sandy Pearlman - Essay

Sandy Pearlman

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

[Ray Davies is not] the sort of hero to inspire faith. But he is pretty cynical. Thoroughly disenchanted. (p. 21)

On Kinks Size [the Kinks] do "Louie, Louie." This is highly significant because it seems that the Kingsmen and their "Louie, Louie" are the source for the Kinks' style. Recall that "Louie, Louie" was the big hit on the eve of the Beatles in late 1963. And realize that the Kinks loved it well enough to even do it again on Kinks' Kinkdom (a double cover). Played back-to-back …, "You Really Got Me" seems the plausible—if long awaited—sequel to "Louie, Louie." And "Louie, Louie" becomes archetypically astringent, an influential song in the tradition of "Can I Get A...

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