Ray(mond Douglas) Davies Mike Saunders - Essay

Mike Saunders

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

Musically, the Kinks' roots in the British Music Hall tradition really show up strongly on Muswell Hillbillies. At least five songs could be described as this type, and when the countryish material is added, the two styles account for almost the whole LP…. Most of the music-hall style songs come over pretty well, even if the genre is minor compared to things the Kinks have done in the past. "Have A Cuppa Tea" is reminiscent of previous Kinks quaintness, and "Alcohol" is particularly delightful—sort of a followup to Ray Davies' Maurice Chevalier tribute "Just Friends" on Percy.

The country stuff is another matter. A portion of it is fine, but some of the songs are so positively...

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