The Raven (History and Summary) Quiz

  1. What kind of poem is the raven?

  2. The Raven is written in the _____________ narrative

  3. From where is the bird believed to have come?

  4. Which soothing ointment does the speaker ask for?

  5. What does the Raven in the poem symbolize?  

  6. What happens to the speaker in the end?

  7. Who is the speaker mourning for?

  8. Where was the poem published first?

  9. Where does the Raven perch?

  10. Who wrote The Raven?

  11. When was the Raven published?  

  12. What is the rhyme sceme?

  13. What was the narrator doing prior to the Raven's entry?

  14. What is the refrain that became the catch phrase of the people in the 19th century?

  15. What drug does the speaker consume?  

  16. What is the setting of the poem?