Raspberry House Blues Summary
by Linda Holeman

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Raspberry House Blues Summary

(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

The quest motif in Raspberry House Blues is to find the birth mother who had given up her newborn daughter in a Winnipeg hospital. Poppy, sixteen, emotionally rejects Denise, the mother who had adopted her, and flies from Canada's west coast to the center of Canada where she stays in a raspberry-colored house with her adoptive, now remarried father. Poppy brings her "M" book which contains pictures, cut from magazines, of women Poppy thinks resemble her never-seen fantasy mother. In Winnipeg, Poppy finds she has another mother, her stepmother Calypso, but she continues to search for her birth mother and circumstances suggest to Poppy that an accidental meeting may have brought her into contact with her real mother.