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Raptor Summary

(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

Zindel is a master of exciting thrillers, and Raptor is among his most breathtaking. The novel begins with a bang: dark caves, something moving around, the suspicion of a practical joke, then eggs, a giant head full of dagger-like teeth, panic, a fall. The novel barely pauses for breath—just long enough for Professor Norak to tell his son Zack to retrieve something. What that something is begins as a mystery for Zack, but it soon turns into a sprinting narrative for Zack and his friend Uta when they discover that not all dinosaurs are extinct and they are not particularly picky about who they eat. An action-filled adventure with suspense and surprises on every page, Raptor is very hard to put down before it reaches its suitably electrifying conclusion.