Rape Fantasies Characters
by Margaret Atwood

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Rape Fantasies Characters

(Short Stories for Students)

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Chrissy is Estelle's coworker who initiates the lunchroom discussion by asking, "How about it, girls, do you have rape fantasies?'' Estelle describes Chrissy as "a receptionist and she looks like one; she's pretty but cool as a cucumber like she's been painted all over with nail polish, if you know what I mean. Varnished." Chrissy dreams of a rapist who breaks into her apartment while she is taking a bath. Chrissy represents a passive personality, someone who is easily influenced by novels, movies, televisions, and magazines.

Darlene, who is 41, is the oldest woman in the office, "though you wouldn't know it and neither does she," Estelle comments. She is divorced and does not participate in the discussion about fantasies. She claims that she never thinks about such things and that the topic is disgusting. Darlene says, "I don't think you should go out at night, you put yourself in a position," a comment that insinuates that she does not approve of Estelle's behavior. She says she would scream if she were accosted by a rapist, and she tells Chrissy that she should do the same thing. These two comments indicate that Darlene is a cautious and somewhat judgmental individual.

Estelle is the first-person narrator of "Rape Fantasies." She works in the filing department of a large company in Toronto, Ontario. She was brought up Catholic in a smaller town and has only recently moved to the city to be on her own. She is described as tall and clever, and her comments indicate that she has a good sense of humor and that she is adept at sizing up other people

Her coworker Darlene comments that Estelle has the ''mark of an original mind'' and that ''she's a card" since once at an office party, Estelle danced under a table instead of on top of it. Along with her sense of humor, she...

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