Ramsey Campbell Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Short Story Criticism)

Short Fiction

The Inhabitant of the Lake, and Less Welcome Tenants 1964

Demons by Daylight 1973

Slow written in 1975; published in 1985

The Height of the Scream 1976

Dark Companions 1982

Cold Print 1984

*Crypt of Cthulhu, Vol. 6, No. 1, 1986

Scared Stiff: Tales of Sex and Death 1986

*Crypt of Cthulhu, Vol. 6, No. 8, 1987

Dark Feasts: The World of Ramsey Campbell 1987

Needing Ghosts 1990

Waking Nightmares 1991

Alone with Horrors: The Great Short Fiction of Ramsey Campbell 1961-1991 1993

Two Obscure Tales 1993

Other Major Works

The Doll Who Ate His Mother (novel) 1976

The Bride of Frankenstein [as Carl Dreadstone] (novel) 1977

Dracula's Daughter [as Carl Dreadstone] (novel) 1977

The Wolfman [as Carl Dreadstone] (novel) 1977

The Face That Must Die (novel) 1979

The Parasite (novel) 1980

The Nameless (novel) 1981

§The Claw [as Jay Ramsey] (novel) 1983

Incarnate (novel) 1983

Obsession (novel) 1985

The Hungry Moon (novel) 1986

Medusa (novel) 1987

The Influence (novel) 1988

Ancient Images (novel) 1989

The Count of Eleven (novel) 1991

Midnight Sun (novel) 1991

*Special issues comprising Ramsey Campbell stories. The issue published in 1987 prints Ghostly Tales, a collection that he wrote as a youth.

†Contains the autobiographical essay "At the Back of My Mind: A Guided Tour," in which Campbell discusses his dysfunctional family life and his mother's paranoia.

‡Published in England in 1980 as To Wake the Dead.

§Published in 1985 asNight of the Claw.