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Ramona was written in 1884 by Helen Hunt Jackson, to bring attention to the plight of Native Americans in society at the time. They were seen as less-than and were viewed by some more as animals or savages than as people. The author's goal was to evoke emotion in her readers, and she accomplished this by creating sympathetic characters that they would come to love.

Here are some of the novel's main characters:

Ramona—The protagonist of the novel. She is an orphan of both Scottish and Native American descent and is raised by the sister of her foster mother, who hates the Native American part of her.

Señora Gonzaga Moreno: The sister of Ramona's foster mother, whose dying wish was for Moreno to take care of Ramona as if she were her own child. She gives Ramona everything she needs, but she does not love her.

Alessandro Assis: The Native American sheepherder with whom Ramona falls in love. He is her soulmate and becomes her husband and the father of her first two children.

Felipe Moreno: The only biological son of Señora Gonzaga Moreno and the recipient of all of the love she doesn't give to Ramona. He later finds Ramona and marries her after Alessandro's death.