Other literary forms

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

By the end of 1981, first editions of Ramón José Sender’s books, exclusive of an anthology of selections from his works, numbered ninety-six. At the time of his death early in 1982, Destino, the Barcelona publishing house, had scheduled for publication two new novels by Sender; an additional manuscript of a novel, appropriately titled “Toque de Queda” (“Taps”), was found among his papers, ready for publication.

Depending on one’s criteria for the determination of literary genre (in Sender’s case, a task made all but impossible by the author’s disdain for such classifications and his deliberate attempts, at times, to blur traditional genre distinctions), Sender’s total production of ninety-nine books (including the three unpublished novels) could be described as including sixty-four novels or novellas, seven collections of short stories, five works of drama, two volumes of poetry, and twenty-one books of essays, personal narratives, and journalistic articles. Almost all of this last category consists of material published earlier in newspaper articles or in Sender’s literary column, “Los libros y los días” (books and days), which was syndicated in Spanish-language newspapers throughout Latin America from early in the 1950’s until the author’s death. More than eight hundred articles appeared in “Los libros y los días.”