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  • Self-Reliance eNotes Teaching Guide

    So you’re going to teach Ralph Waldo Emerson's "Self-Reliance," a classic essay that has been a mainstay in English classes for generations. Whether it’s the first or hundredth time you escort students through the text, we've provided some teaching tips to help ensure that the experience is rewarding for everyone,...

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  • Self-Reliance Rhetorical Devices Lesson Plan

    Identifying Theme Through Aphorism and Parataxis: This lesson plan focuses on Emerson's use of aphorism and parataxis to develop themes in “Self-Reliance.” Students will identify and interpret examples of aphorism and parataxis in the text to determine the ideas they express. Students also will identify similarities among the ideas. By...

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  • Self-Reliance Allusion Activity

    This worksheet gives students an opportunity to practice identifying and analyzing allusions. Allusions broaden the scope of a text and imbue passages with deeper meaning by subtly drawing on unexplained references to literature, history, science, geography, philosophy, mythology, or other aspects of a culture. Allusions are thus a powerful tool...

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